I wanted everyone to know that I would recommend Momentum PT to anyone. I actually feel optimistic instead of pessimistic about my back pain now. I have suffered from back pain for years. It was a genuine pleasure to work with all the providers at Momentum. I like the focus and work with my exercises and my home program as well. The atmosphere was very friendly and warm, I saw how all the clients experienced that same focus and caring approach. Again, you guys are the best..



I would like to say how very pleased I am with the results of my Rehabilitation Program at Momentum. When I entered the process in November of 2016, I was concerned that rehab might not work for me. I was introduced to Alex Morse, who worked me like a rented mule for two months in Dec. and Jan. Slowly the sessions with, him started to show some positive results. The techs worked with me to strengthen the shoulder functions. As the treatments went on I developed some neck issues that were very concerning to me. Having you work with me to address those issues, and giving me an understanding of correct use of exercises going forward, were invaluable in reaching the level of mobility I am at present. The office staff, Lupita and Mida, were very pleasant and accommodating with scheduling my care. Your staff made it possible for me to work through the rehabilitation process, achieve the level of strength and mobility I had hoped for and avoid surgical intervention. Many thanks to everyone at Momentum.

Wm H.

Dear Momentum,
You are really "out of this world" in your approach to patient care and service. From the moment I spoke to the front office and throughout my care, your team has been superb. Everyone was unfailingly professional, yet warm, encouraging and personable. I always felt that I was in good hands and that my recovery was as important to you as it was to me.
A million thanks, I really could not have done this without you, I wish you all the best.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your terrific staff for everything they did for me during my rehabilitation. You and your people are fantastic team. Thanks again.

T. Black

It was my sincere pleasure to work with you and your outstanding staff the past several weeks. First of all, we collectively managed to solve my initial "ailment" (i.e., the pinched nerve in my neck). Everything that was done to directly address the issue at hand proved highly effective. Second, and most importantly, after 40+ years of leading a relatively fit lifestyle I still managed to learn quite a few new things about myself. In particular, I got the opportunity to practice with and utilize plenty of new tools and techniques that will greatly improve and enhance my personal fitness program. These will likely prove handy as I work hard to overcome the rapid ravages of old age! In addition, it was great to work along side my wife and observe, on a first hand basis, the fantastic healing skills exhibited by your staff as they worked with her. Bottom line: You're running an outstanding enterprise that does great things for people. Special thanks to Stacy, Rey, Steve, Lupita, and Myna -- each an outstanding professional in their own way. Each are caring and good-hearted folks who serve your company well. All encounters were personable and professional -- you're truly employing high quality people. Best of success in the future to you, your partners, and your staff.

Rick P.

I just wanted to let you know what's happening since I "graduated" I went to the doctor last week and explained how and what I was doing since my hip surgery. X rays revealed everything is in place and the remaining pain is probably due to the residual atrophy in the area. For the last couple of weeks, the pain has eased consistently and I am having almost no pain when I stand, which is huge. I attribute this to you (Megan) and Jimmy and I appreciate all the work you did with me and the advice you have given me. Between the work you've done and the precautions I am using, I feel that I am in a good place and satisfactorily on the mend. Again, many thanks for your work and patience with me. my observations at Momentum tell me that I can put my trust in any one of the therapists, I have been very satisfied will all aspects of the business, including the facility, the office staff and of course all of the training staff.

Michael C.

Back in 2001 I came to you after my third hip surgery, second on the left side. My surgeon, Dr.Mark Blew, suggested you could help me recover and hopefully regain my passion for walking/running. He was right on target. You and I both went to work to achieve that goal. About 100,000 miles later I needed your help again after having total knee replacement. There you were, along with your excellent team, ready for the challenge. Of course, even though I was now 73, not 60, I wanted the same results. Please get me back on the road and trails. Again, the therapy/work began. It has now been three months since surgery. Thanks to You and I mean You, Jimmy, Ally, Al and the rest of your crew I am now able to walk the trails again. Still going slowly and not too long just yet. I feel stronger each day. Running is always in the back of my heart and mind. Maybe someday. Thanks Tom. Because of you I am looking forward to another 100,000 miles on the road. See you next time.

James (patient)

Momentum Physical Therapy is my go-to place when I have had knee pain (resolved), wrist pain (resolved) and lastly lower back pain, also resolved. Their assessments are thorough. Their therapy exercise plans are custom tailored and aimed to get me back to full function as quickly as possible. I love the photographs they take of me while I do my exercises so I have reminders for positioning and sequence when I do the exercises at home between appointments. This time my lower back pain was resolved using pelvic floor exercises using Pelvicore equipment, a ball and resistance band. After months of eating ibuprofen like candy, 2 weeks of pelvic floor exercises at Momentum Physical Therapy relieved the pain so significantly I stopped taking ibuprofen. I still needed refinements to the exercises and strengthening the core muscles of my pelvic floor. I thought my abdominal muscles were my core muscles. I learned the core muscles begin at the pelvic floor and includes all the muscles to the diaphragm as well as the muscles that wrap to the back. The pelvic floor muscles are the foundation. My Pilates mat classes and Reformer classes never addressed these muscles the way the Pelvicore equipment does. What I love most is using the Pelvicore equipment my muscles automatically respond to the different movements. They have no choice. I call it "No brainer exercise." Momentum Physical Therapy started a weekly Pelvicore Class on Wednesday nights. I signed up immediately. I do Pelvicore exercise on my own at home but I really like the intensity I get once a week. What continues to amaze me is how movements that seem so small kick butt! Beyond no longer having lower back pain, I have a significantly noticeable flatter stomach, tighter tush and no more urinary incontinence! It doesn't get better than this.


In my experience our patients that are treated at Momentum do remarkably better than those sent to other facilities. The outcomes as it relates to function always improve after working with Momentum. I have utilized this facility almost exclusively for my patients rehabilitation needs.

Local Orthopedic MD

Momentum's approach to Physical Therapy should be the standard, I felt as though it was "custom made" for me. I cannot recommend your facility highly enough.


It was such a pleasure to come to Momentum and I appreciated all their efforts on my behalf. You can be assured that if I ever need a physical therapist again, I know right where to come and will recommend Momentum to others.


Thank you for getting me back on the field again, because of Momentum's help and care, I never gave up and I am back at 100%. I love you guys.


Thank you for your contribution to Tucson as a whole. Because of my experience at Momentum PT, I have come to realize the exceptional care you give and the dedication you have in improving the lives of your patients. Your ability to "figure out" the problem and identifying the functional cause contributing to the injury is remarkable. All the staff shows an incredible love and passion for the field. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to observe and complete my senior school exit project.

Robin - Local high school student

I developed a lot of left hip pain after doing some heavy landscaping at my home and my Ortho doctor sent me to Momentum PT for treatment. I was a bit skeptical of investing time in PT thinking it would be just heat/ice packs and massage. Boy was I wrong! When Justin finished my initial evaluation, he pointed out how altered my gait mechanics had become due to a myriad of lower extremity injuries over the years. Once Justin explained what was going wrong with my gait and how to correct it, my hip immediately began to feel better. Justin worked with me on a variety of areas that I needed to stretch out for increased range of motion, and other areas that needed strengthening to improve my balance. He really made me work hard, but it was well worth it as my overall function has greatly improved. I found the staff at Momentum PT to be professional, courteous, and very friendly. Justin is an extremely competent therapist and very easy to work with; I never felt self-conscious about being old, overweight, and out of shape! The environment at Momentum was very nurturing and nonjudgmental and I know this contributed to my recovery. Thanks Justin!