• Physical Therapy - Our qualified personnel is very capable of assessing your body's bio-mechanics, prescribing bio-mechanically correct exercises, and establishing a cooperative working relationship with you so you can best experience positive outcomes.
  • Medically-Oriented Wellness Programs - With the changing environment of health care, including insurances being more restrictive, we have established medically oriented wellness programs supervised by medically trained individuals. This program is for all ages and body types. No doctor referrals are needed.
  • Performance Enhancement - Our Performance Enhancement consists of the Functional Movement screen, which is one of many screening tools used at Momentum Physical Therapy to assess an individuals mobility and stability throughout their body; the The Y Balance Test, which is a thoroughly researched, but easy way to test a person's risk for injury as well as demonstrate functional symmetry and the SFMA (Selective Functional Movement Assessment) is a system consisting of 7 full-movement tests that help rehabilitation professionals incorporate a movement pattern baseline into the musculoskeletal examination.
  • Sports Enhancement - NG Functional Performance System (FPS) is a specific process of analysis and training to enhance athleticism and performance of golfers at any skill level. The NG 360 FPS utilizes a three-dimensional performance analysis and training program to deliver consistent improvement of golf specific athleticism and performance. Both Tom Sanderson, PT, GPS and Mike Dubois, PT, MS, CSCS, GPS completed the certification and have become inspirational and innovative leaders in athletic golf.