About Us

Momentum targets the root causes, not just the symptoms.

Our Mission

We want to create a lifelong experience that will provide an opportunity to improve health and quality of life. If we can engage on the emotional, social, intellectual, physical, environmental, and spiritual levels, we can have a lasting impact on a participant and the choices they make on a daily basis. Finally, we want to create a fun, energized, and welcoming environment to enhance an individuals chances of success.

Since 1996, Sanderson & DuBois Momentum Physical Therapy has been dedicated to giving each patient a "one-on-one" service oriented experience in order to help them to achieve the best possible physical function and the greatest pain relief.

Any age or experience level can benefit from our truly "physical" physical therapy. And if you want more? We have optimization, enhancement and maintenance plans tailored to a current or aspiring High School/ College Athlete, an injured worker of any age, or an older adult experiencing increased difficulty with activities associated with daily living.

Sanderson & DuBois Momentum Physical Therapy simply focuses on helping you learn how to best engage your mind and maximize your body's capabilities and performance. We can teach you how to act smarter by modifying your activity. We will coach and motivate you to maximize your individual physical performance.

Vision Statement for the Physical Therapy Profession

Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.

Guiding Principles to Achieve the Vision

Movement is a key to optimal living and quality of life for all people that extends beyond health to every person's ability to participate in and contribute to society. The complex needs of society, such as those resulting from a sedentary lifestyle, beckon for the physical therapy profession to engage with consumers to reduce preventable health care costs and overcome barriers to participation in society to ensure the successful existence of society far into the future.

Our Guiding Principles

The key to preventing or correcting musculoskeletal problems / injuries is to maintaining and/or restoring precise movement of each body part.

Normal movement is achieved through having the right balance of mobility/flexibility and stability/strength to meet the demands of the our daily life.

We have seen the clues before, the human body displays predictable patterns of movement in response to injury or in the presence of weakness, tightness, or structural problems.

Achieving better results requires a whole body approach to the assessment and treatment of our patients.

We strongly emphasize determining the underlying root cause of the problem rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Our approach is based on the premise that pain and dysfunction occur as a result of impaired patterns of movement. Specific musculoskeletal dysfunction is considered the consequence rather than the cause of faulty movement patterns.