Affordable Healthcare Act

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Posted on September 22, 2014

There is much debate regarding the positive and negative aspects of the Affordable Care Act. Despite the controversy, the initiative focuses on three important aims: Experience of Care (including quality and satisfaction), Population Health and Cost per Capita. In my opinion, one aspects of the plan that should be appreciated is that we finally have a vision of our future healthcare includes bringing better health to our population and creating better value in our healthcare system.

Momentum’s FOTO Outcome Scores

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Neck/Cervical - Top 16% Neck - Top 1% Hip - Top 8% Knee - Top 8% Orthopedic - Top 8% Patient Satisfaction - 99%

Momentum is excited about this vision as it aligns with our philosophy. We are committed to working with our patients to reduce or resolve their pain so they can ultimately move more and improve their overall health. Momentum is participating in data collection to compare our outcomes/results to national averages. In addition, we collect feedback regarding the satisfaction of patient care. All of this data is compared to other clinics nationwide. I am pleased and excited that our results are demonstrating we are consistently exceeding national outcomes/results and satisfaction levels. We are committed to offering the same care for the cost to our patients that we would want for ourselves and our family members.

Physical therapy is a good value. We realize you have a choice where you seek physical therapy services. If you have appreciated our care in the past, please share your experience with family and friends. If you are experiencing pain that is limiting your ability to be more active or is negatively affecting your quality of life, your insurance likely allows you to seek physical therapy without a physician referral. If you receive a referral for physical therapy, realize you have the right to choose where you would like to receive the care. Consider Momentum Physical Therapy for management of back, neck, shoulder, knee, and other body pain.

Michael DuBois, PT, MS, CSCS
It is a privilege to be allowed to care for patients and an obsession to do it well.