Why Physical Therapy is Worth Paying for

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Posted on March 24, 2014

We at Momentum PT are adamant that physical therapy will give you an excellent return on your investment, we would argue that PT is one of the medical services that is absolutely worth paying for, Here is why:

  1. PT services are economical. Physical Therapy costs (roughly $100 a visit – no more than a personal trainer) pales in comparison to the rest of the medical community. Orthopedic, Neurologist and Pain specialists, etc can cost a minimum of $150 plus the costs of images or tests. Most of these visits end with a referral to PT, you could have saved time and money by getting to our PT clinic first.
  2. We are the most skilled at what we do. PT’s are now required to obtain a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree ( DPT). Due to this status we are allowed legally allowed to see people without requiring a referral from a medical doctor.
  3. PT’s give you their time and attention. When was the last time a medical professional gave you 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time? Consultations can include movement analysis, hands on treatment, supervised exercise, pain control procedures and in-depth education on your condition.
  4. We have a large skillset. We are trained to treat anything from musculoskeletal disorders to neurological disorders to vertigo to urinary incontinence, and more.
  5. PT is becoming a “go to” profession. The cost effectiveness of PT services has been clinically proven time and time again. In a nutshell, we not only save people money and time, we also get people better.
  6. We are a major player in the prevention of injuries. You do not need to be in pain to see a Physical Therapist. In fact, outcomes are better if the problem is caught early (just like catching and treating cancer early). Don’t know if you have a problem? Go see a PT and get a movement screen just like you get annual physical.

In summary, everyone wants a good return in an investment. In the realm of healthcare, PT has been proven to be one of the best returns on your healthcare dollar.